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Analog Hardware Multiplexer (AMuxHw) | Cypress Semiconductor

Analog Hardware Multiplexer (AMuxHw)

Last Updated: 
Mar 06, 2019

  • Single-ended or differential inputs
  • Mux or switch mode
  • From 1 to 32 inputs
  • Hardware controlled
  • Bi-directional (passive)
Symbol Diagram

General Description

The Analog Hardware Multiplexer (AMuxHw) component is used to provide hardware switchable connections from GPIOs to analog resource blocks (ARBs).

When to use an AMuxHw

The AMuxHw component should be used when a signal needs to be switched in hardware. Currently, only the GPIOs can be multiplexed with this multiplexer. Since the AMuxHw component is bidirectional, it can also be used as de-multiplexer.

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