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Base Timer Channel (BT) | Cypress Semiconductor

Base Timer Channel (BT)

Last Updated: 
Feb 27, 2018
  • 16-bit Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) Timer
  • 16-bit Programmable Pulse Generator (PPG) Timer
  • 16/32-bit Reload Timer (RT)
  • 16/32-bit Pulse Width Counter (PWC) Timer
  • Trigger generation for ADC prio conversion
  • Multiple interrupt options
Symbol Diagram
Base_Timer_Channel_Symbol Diagram

General Description

The Base Timer is a multi-channel counter block that can be configured for a number of different applications, such as pulse measurement and periodic signal generation. The BT Component supports these functions with macros for the following; PWM, PPG, PWC and RT.

If the Component is configured to enable the timer IO signals – TIOA and/or TIOB – these pins are automatically added to the Design-Wide Resources Pin Editor. The editor only allows the signals to be assigned to pins that can be routed to the Base Timer block. The tool also selects the correct timer channel for the selected pins and generates pin routing macros. This “pins-in” approach to MCU pin setup eliminates block-to-pin routing errors and making future changes possible without changing a byte of firmware.

BT Component Parameter Editor

BT Component Parameter Editor