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File System Library (emFile) | Cypress Semiconductor

File System Library (emFile)

Last Updated: 
Jun 23, 2020
Features Symbol Diagram
  • Up to four Secure Digital (SD) cards in SPI mode
  • FAT12/16 or FAT32 format
  • Optional integration with an Operating System (OS)
  • Optional Long File Name (LFN) handling
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General Description
The emFile component provides an interface to SD cards formatted with a FAT file system. The SD card specification includes multiple hardware interface options for communication with an SD card. This component uses the SPI interface method for communication. Up to four independent SPI interfaces can be used for communication with one SD card each. Both FAT12/16 and FAT32 file system formats are supported. This component provides the physical interface to the SD card and works with the emFile library licensed from SEGGER Microcontroller to provide a library of functions to manipulate a FAT file system.

Firmware Installation:  The firmware files for this component are not distributed with PSoC Creator and can be downloaded below. Please refer to the component datasheet for installation instructions.
IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING LONG FILE NAMES: If you configure the software to support long file names on FAT file systems, you should determine whether a license from Microsoft is required. Cypress and its suppliers grant no license under Microsoft's intellectual property rights and assume no liability for any use of the software without obtaining any license that may be required.
PSoC® Creator emFile Component Video

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