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Full Speed USB (USBFS) | Cypress Semiconductor

Full Speed USB (USBFS)

Last Updated: 
Mar 19, 2018
  • USB Full Speed device interface driver
  • Support for interrupt, control, bulk, and isochronous transfer types
  • Runtime support for descriptor set selection
  • Optional USB string descriptors
  • Optional USB HID class support
  • Optional Bootloader support
  • Optional Audio class support
  • Optional MIDI devices support
  • Optional communications device class (CDC) support
Symbol Diagram
USBFS Siagram

General Description

The USBFS component provides a USB full-speed Chapter 9 compliant device framework. It provides a low-level driver for the control endpoint that decodes and dispatches requests from the USB host. Additionally, this component provides a USBFS customizer to make it easy to construct your descriptor.

You have the option of constructing a HID-based device or a generic USB Device. Select HID (and switch between HID and generic) by setting the Configuration/Interface descriptors.


PSoC Creator USB FS Component Video

use for camtasia screencasts

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