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Low Power Modes (PDL_LPM) | Cypress Semiconductor

Low Power Modes (PDL_LPM)

Last Updated: 
Nov 09, 2016
Features Symbol Diagram
  • Forces the device into low power modes
  • Reports the low power mode exit cause
  • Standby sleep
  • Standby timer
  • Standby and Deep Standby RTC
  • Standby and Deep Standby stop

General Description

To reduce power consumption, the system can be placed into one of a set of low power modes. The Low Power Consumption Mode (LPM) Component includes functions from the PDL that make it easy to enter the modes and fine-tune the system behavior in that state (e.g. modify clock frequencies and system standby voltages).

A number of pins on the device can be used to wake from (a subset of) standby modes. The wakeup events can be configured to be on high or low signals. WKUP00 is always connected to the Non-Maskable Interrupt pin and is always active low. Enabling the sources in the Component parameter editor will make them visible in the Pins Editor and PSoC Creator shall ensure that they are mapped to the correct physical pin. Helpful C-language macros are generated to make the routing of the signals from pin to LPM block easy and error-resistant in firmware.

LPM Component Parameter Editor