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Operational Amplifier (Opamp) | Cypress Semiconductor

Operational Amplifier (Opamp)

Last Updated: 
Jun 24, 2020


  • Follower or Opamp configuration
  • Unity gain bandwidth > 3.0 MHz
  • Input offset voltage 2.0 mV max
  • Rail-to-rail inputs and output
  • Output direct low resistance connection to pin
  • 25 mA output current
  • Programmable power and bandwidth
  • Internal connection for follower (saves pin)
Symbol Diagram

Comparator Diagram

General Description

The Opamp component provides a low-voltage, low-power operational amplifier and may be internally connected as a voltage follower. The inputs and output may be connected to internal routing nodes, directly to pins, or a combination of internal and external signals. The Opamp is suitable for interfacing with high-impedance sensors, buffering the output of voltage DACs, driving up to 25 mA; and building active filters in any standard topology.   

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