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Pseudo Random Sequence (PRS) | Cypress Semiconductor

Pseudo Random Sequence (PRS)

Last Updated: 
Mar 20, 2018
  • 2 to 64 bits PRS sequence length
  • Time Division Multiplexing mode
  • Serial output bit stream
  • Continuous or single-step run modes
  • Standard or custom polynomial
  • Standard or custom seed value
  • Enable input provides synchronized operation with other components
  • Computed pseudo random number can be read directly from the Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR)
Symbol Diagram
PRS Riagram

General Description

The Pseudo Random Sequence (PRS) component uses an LFSR to generate a pseudo random sequence, which outputs a pseudo random bit stream. The LFSR is of the Galois form (sometimes known as the modular form) and uses the provided maximal code length, or period. The PRS component runs continuously after starting as long as the Enable Input is held high. The PRS number generator can be started with any valid seed value other than 0.

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