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PSoC 4 Real-Time Clock (RTC_P4) | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 4 Real-Time Clock (RTC_P4)

Last Updated: 
Jul 08, 2020


  • Multiple alarm options
  • Configurable alarm functionality
  • Daylight Savings Time (DST) functionality
  • Automatic leap year compensation
  • Unix/Epoch time

General Description

The PSoC 4 Real-time Clock (RTC_P4) component provides an application interface for keeping track of time and date. The component can have any of the WDT available in the device as its input clock source or have a user configured clock source like SysTick, TCPWM etc. If you choose to use WDT as the input clock source in the "Low Frequency Clocks" configuration window in the CYDWR page, the component derives the input clock period from the WDT frequency configured. If you choose to use other sources, then you need to set the period of the input clock source manually. It should be noted that the accuracy of the RTC depends on the accuracy of the input clock source.