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PSoC 4 Voltage Comparator | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 4 Voltage Comparator

Last Updated: 
Apr 24, 2017
Features Symbol Diagram
  • Low input offset
  • User controlled offset calibration
  • Multiple speed modes
  • Low-power mode
  • Output routable to digital logic blocks or pins
  • Selectable output polarity

General Description

The Voltage Comparator Component gives you a hardware solution to compare two analog input voltages. You sample the output in software or routed to a digital component. There are three speed levels to allow you to optimize for speed or power consumption. You can also connect a reference or external voltage to either input.

The input offset is designed to be less than 1 mV over temperature and voltage. The hysteresis is selectable between 10 mV and no hysteresis.

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