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Real-Time Clock (PDL_RTC) | Cypress Semiconductor

Real-Time Clock (PDL_RTC)

Last Updated: 
Feb 27, 2018
  • Tracks time and date
  • Automatically adjusts for leap years
  • Configurable alarm settings
  • Configurable timer feature
  • Automatic clock frequency adjustment
Symbol Diagram
Real-Time_Clock_Symbol Diagram

General Description

The RTC Component is a counter that tracks the real time in hardware, applying a periodic clock correction if necessary (when the input clock does not divide exactly into a whole number of counts). The Component can be configured to generate periodic interrupts with a maximum frequency of 2Hz, alarm interrupts at specific times of the day or week, and timer interrupts at a number of seconds in the future. The 2Hz internal clock can be output to a device pin (RTCCO).

RTC Component Parameter Editor

RTC Component Parameter Editor