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Remote Control (PDL_RC)

Last Updated: 
Nov 06, 2016
  • HDMI-CEC / High Definition Multimedia Interface Consumer Electronics Control transmitter/receiver
  • SIRCS / Sony Infrared Remote Control mode
  • NEC / Association for Electric Home Appliances mode
  • Adjustable detection timing for start bit and data bit
  • Noise filter
  • Two channels
Symbol Diagram

General Description

The RC Component supports multiple HDMI-CEC and infrared remote control standards. The component can be configured from its raw (i.e. un-configured) state to use any of the supported standards or by placing pre-configured schematic macros from the Component Catalog into your design. All interfaces support start bit detection, ACK detection, minimum pulse width violation detection, counter overflow detection, and also provide noise filtering.

The Parameter Editor dialog presents the options for each standard in a set of convenient tabs, each of which is focused on a particular aspect of Component configuration. For example, there is always a tab for the interface itself, providing transmit options for CEC Tx and receive options for the other interfaces. There are also tabs to set up the timing characteristics and interrupt causes and callbacks.

RC Component Parameter Editor