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Sequencing Successive Approximation ADC (ADC_SAR_Seq) | Cypress Semiconductor

Sequencing Successive Approximation ADC (ADC_SAR_Seq)

Last Updated: 
Mar 20, 2018
Symbol Diagram
  • Supports PSoC 5LP devices
  • Selectable resolution (8, 10 or 12 bit) and sample rate (up to 1 Msps)
  • Scans up to 64 single ended or 32 differential channels automatically, or just a single input
ADC Chip

Note: The actual maximum number of input channels depends on the number of routable analog GPIOs that are available on a specific PSoC part and package.

General Description

The Sequencing SAR ADC component enables makes it possible for you to configure and then use the different operational modes of the SAR ADC on PSoC 5LP. You also have schematic level and firmware level support for seamless use of the Sequencing SAR ADC in PSoC Creator designs and projects. You are able to configure multiple analog channels that are automatically scanned with the results placed in individual SRAM locations.

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