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Shift Register (ShiftReg) | Cypress Semiconductor

Shift Register (ShiftReg)

Last Updated: 
Oct 05, 2016
  • Adjustable shift register size: 2 to 32 bits
  • Simultaneous shift in and shift out
  • Right shift or left shift
  • Reset input forces shift register to all 0s
  • Shift register value readable by CPU or DMA
  • Shift register value writable by CPU or DMA 


Symbol Diagram
General Description

The Shift Register (ShiftReg) component provides synchronous shifting of data into and out of a parallel register. The parallel register can be read or written to by the CPU or DMA. The Shift Register component provides universal functionality similar to standard 74xxx series logic shift registers including: 74164, 74165, 74166, 74194, 74299, 74595 and 74597. In most applications the Shift Register component will be used in conjunction with other components and logic to create higher-level application-specific functionality, such as a counter to count the number of bits shifted.

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