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Thermistor Calculator | Cypress Semiconductor

Thermistor Calculator

Last Updated: 
Apr 06, 2016
  • Adaptable for majority of negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors
  • Look-Up-Table (LUT) or equation implementation methods
  • Selectable reference resistor, based on thermistor value
  • Selectable temperature range
  • Selectable calculation resolution for LUT method
Symbol Diagram

General Description

The Thermistor Calculator component calculates the temperature based on a provided voltage measured from a thermistor. The component is adaptable to most NTC thermistors. It calculates the Steinhart-Hart equation coefficients based on the temperature range and corresponding user-provided reference resistances. The component provides API functions that use the generated coefficients to return the temperature value based on measured voltage values.

This component doesn't use an ADC or AMUX inside and thus requires those components to be placed separately in your projects.

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