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CYBLE-014008-00: EZ-BLE™ Creator Module | Cypress Semiconductor

CYBLE-014008-00: EZ-BLE™ Creator Module

Last Updated: 
Jan 05, 2021

General Description

The Cypress CYBLE-014008-00 is a fully certified and qualified module supporting Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless communication. The CYBLE-014008-00 is a turnkey solution and includes onboard crystal oscillators, trace antenna, passive components, and the Cypress PSoC® 4 Bluetooth LE. Refer to the PSoC® 4 BLE datasheet for additional details on the capabilities of the PSoC 4 Bluetooth LE device used on this module.

The EZ-BLE™ Creator module is a scalable and reconfigurable platform architecture. It combines programmable and reconfigurable analog and digital blocks with flexible automatic routing. The CYBLE-014008-00 also includes digital programmable logic, high-performance analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), opamps with comparator mode, and standard communication and timing peripherals.

The CYBLE-014008-00 includes a royalty-free Bluetooth LE stack compatible with Bluetooth 5.1 and provides up to 25 GPIOs in a small 11 × 11 × 1.80 mm package.

The CYBLE-014008-00 is a complete solution and an ideal fit for applications seeking a highly integrated Bluetooth LE wireless solution.

Module Description

  • Module size: 11.0 mm × 11.0 mm × 1.80 mm (with shield)
  • 128-KB flash memory, 16-KB SRAM memory
  • Up to 25 GPIOs configurable as open drain high/low, pull-up/pull-down, HI-Z analog, HI-Z digital, or strong output
  • Bluetooth SIG 5.1 qualified
  • Certified to FCC, CE, MIC, KC, and ISED regulations
  • Industrial temperature range: –40 °C to +85 °C
  • 32-bit processor (0.9 DMIPS/MHz) with single-cycle 32-bit multiply, operating at up to 48 MHz
  • Watchdog timer with dedicated internal low-speed oscillator (ILO)
  • Two-pin SWD for programming
  • Programmable analog
    • 4 x Opamps
    • 1 x 12-bit, 1-Msps SAR ADC
    • 1 x Low-Power Comparators
    • 1 x Cypress CapSense™ touch controller with SmartSense™ Auto-Tuning
  • Programmable digital
    • 4 x universal digital blocks
    • 4 x 16-bit configurable Timer/Counter/PWM blocks
    • 2 x configurable serial communication blocks
  • Certified to FCC, CE MIC, KC, and ISED regulations. Refer to KBA210574 for RF certification test reports.
  • CYBLE-014008-EVAL EZ-BLE™ Creator Evaluation Board to evaluate and develop applications on the EZ-BLE Creator Module

Power Consumption

  • TX output power: –18 dbm to +3 dbm
  • Received signal strength indicator (RSSI) with 1-dB resolution
  • TX current consumption of 15.6 mA (radio only, 0 dbm)
  • RX current consumption of 16.4 mA (radio only)
  • Low power mode support
    • Deep Sleep: 1.3 µA with watch crystal oscillator (WCO) on
    • Hibernate: 150 nA with SRAM retention
    • Stop: 60 nA with GPIO (P2.2) or XRES wakeup

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