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S29GL064N, S29GL032N 64 Mbit, 32 Mbit 3 V Page Mode MirrorBit Flash | Cypress Semiconductor

S29GL064N, S29GL032N 64 Mbit, 32 Mbit 3 V Page Mode MirrorBit Flash

Last Updated: 
May 29, 2020

The S29GL-N family of devices are 3.0-Volt single-power Flash memory manufactured using 110 nm MirrorBit technology. The S29GL064N is a 64-Mb device organized as 4,194,304 words or 8,388,608 bytes. The S29GL032N is a 32-Mb device organized as 2,097,152 words or 4,194,304 bytes. Depending on the model number, the devices have 16-bit wide data bus only, or a 16-bit wide data bus that can also function as an 8-bit wide data bus by using the BYTE# input. The devices can be programmed either in the host system or in standard EPROM programmers.

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