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BCM920732_BLE_KIT Evaluation and Debug Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

BCM920732_BLE_KIT Evaluation and Debug Kit

Last Updated: 
Feb 16, 2021

BCM920732_BLE_KIT Evaluation and Debug Kit

The Cypress WICED™ SMART BCM920732_BLE_KIT (“Tag2”) is an evaluation board that exposes various pins on the BCM20732 BLE SoC device for debug, evaluation, and troubleshooting. The BCM27032 BLE SoC offers Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-compliant, stand-alone baseband processors with integrated 2.4 GHz transceivers.

Kit Features:

  • The BCM920732_BLE_KIT is a self-contained evaluation and debug kit that can be powered from either a wired USB (regulated) connection or a coin cell battery.
  • On-board USB-UART bridge enables easy-to-use Host Controller Interface (HCI) via PC terminal.
  • On-board EEPROM and Serial Flash programmed by WICED™ SMART SDK for custom application firmware development.

Download the WICED™ SMART Software Development Kit (SDK) to work with the BCM920732_BLE_KIT.

Kit Contents:

1 X BCM920732_BLE_KIT evaluation board, 1 X Getting Started Insert