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CY4500 EZ-PD™ Protocol Analyzer | Cypress Semiconductor

CY4500 EZ-PD™ Protocol Analyzer

Last Updated: 
Oct 09, 2020

The CY4500 EZ-PD Protocol Analyzer tool records traffic passively on the Configuration Channel (CC) and allows users to analyze and debug USB Power Delivery communication. The low-cost and compact CY4500 EZ-PD Protocol Analyzer acts as a pass-through for VBUS, VCONN, USB 3.1, USB 2.0 and USB-PD traffic. The CY4500 EZ-PD Protocol Analyzer Installer includes a free Windows-based GUI - EZ-PD Analyzer Utility (Default). The GUI can be used to decode the USB-C PD messages.

The current tool is programmed with a default Firmware that supports USB-C PD2.0 decoding. If the user needs support with USB-C PD3.0 decoding, then he can update the Firmware as per the details under section EZ-PD™ Protocol Analyzer Utility (USB-C PD3.0)

EZ-PD Analyzer Utility (USB PD2.0)

The EZ-PD Analyzer Utility is a Microsoft Windows application for decoding USB-C Power Delivery (USB-PD) packets in real time.


  • Simple GUI for Decoding USB-PD 2.0 packets in real-time on the CC lines
  • VBUS Voltage and Current monitoring
  • Message ID based triggering
  • Debug headers for CC, VBUS and SBU
  • Firmware upgradable for future updates

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EZ-PD Protocol Analyzer Utility (USB PD3.0)

The EZ-PD Protocol Analyzer Utility is a free Java based cross platform GUI used for decoding USB-PD packets in real time. The CY4500 EZ-PD™ Protocol Analyzer firmware should be updated to use this version of the Utility. The firmware and firmware updater are available as part of the Windows Installer.


  • GUI for decoding USB Power Delivery packets in real time on the CC lines
  • Decodes PD 2.0, PD 3.0, Extended messages and USB4 messages
  • CC line Voltages, VBUS Voltage and Current monitoring
  • Graphical view of the CC lines, VBUS Voltage and Current
  • Firmware upgradable for future updates
  • Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux

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