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CY4701 EZ-USB® GX3™ Reference Design Guide | Cypress Semiconductor

CY4701 EZ-USB® GX3™ Reference Design Guide

Last Updated: 
Aug 30, 2018

The CY4701 EZ-USB® GX3™ Reference Design Kit (RDK) is intended for use as a development platform for hardware or software in a laboratory environment. The board is an open system design, which does not include a shielded enclosure. This kit may cause interference with other electrical or electronic devices in close proximity. In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio interference. In such cases, take adequate preventive measures. Also, do not use this board near any medical equipment or RF devices.

This Type-A to Gigabit Ethernet dongle reference design showcases the unique features of CYUSB3610 (GX3), Cypress's SuperSpeed USB to Gigabit Ethernet Bridge Controller. The GX3 enumerates as a standard network adapter on the PC, and works with existing software applications. The Type-A dongle is plug-and-play, requiring no other hardware or USB cable for its operation.

All hardware design files (schematics, board layout files etc.) can be found below, under 'Related Files'. For more information, please visit the GX3 webpage or contact

This dongle is also available with a USB Type-C connector. For more information on the USB Type-C to Gigabit Ethernet dongle, please visit the Type-C dongle page. 

For more information on Cypress's USB Type-C products, please visit

EZ-USB GX3 Type-A Reference Design Kit Block Diagram


Kit Features

  • Fully functional USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet dongle
  • LEDs for USB 3.0 and Ethernet activity
  • USB bus-powered operation
  • Gigabit Ethernet functionality supporting Energy Efficient Ethernet and WLAN (Wake on LAN)

Kit Contents

  • GX3 USB 3.0 to GigE dongle
  • Quick start guide