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CY8CKIT-041-41XX PSoC 4100S CapSense Pioneer Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKIT-041-41XX PSoC 4100S CapSense Pioneer Kit

Last Updated: 
Oct 13, 2021

CY3295 Kit Image

The PSoC® 4100S Pioneer Kit enables you to evaluate and develop with Cypress's fourth-generation, low-power CapSense® solution using the PSoC 4100S device.

Featuring the PSoC 4100S Device

The PSoC 4100S Pioneer Kit features the PSoC 4100S device - PSoC 4 with an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core.

The PSoC 4100S device features the fourth-generation, low-power CapSense solution with up to 64KB flash, 8KB SRAM, 9 Programmable Analog Blocks, 8 Programmable Digital Blocks and 36 general purpose I/Os, all capable of CapSense and 16 Smart I/Os™.

CY3295 Kit Image

World's Most Reliable, Lowest Power CapSense Solution

The PSoC 4100S Pioneer kit features the Cypress's fourth-generation capacitive-sensing solution that "just works" in noisy environment and in the presence of liquids.

This kit supports enables you to evaluate and develop with CapSense using the capacitive trackpad, capacitive buttons and proximity sensor, all capable of Self- and Mutual-Capacitive Sensing

CY3295 Kit Image

Flexible Prototyping

The PSoC 4100S Pioneer Kit features footprint compatibility with Arduino shields and includes an EZ-BLE PRoC module, a potentiometer and a rechargeable coin-cell battery. 

This kit also contains an on-board Programmer and Debugger, designed using PSoC 5LP®, that can support industry standard programming interface like CMSIS-DAP and Drag and Drop programing.

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Ready-to-Use CapSense Trackpad

The PSoC 4100S Pioneer Kit includes a plastic enclosure that enables you to use the kit as a finished product that implements a USB or a Bluetooth Mouse.

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Kit Contents:

  • CY8CKIT-041-41XX PSoC 4100S Pioneer board
  • USB Standad-A to Micro-B cable
  • Water dropper
  • Four press-fit connectors (for Arduino headers)
  • Four jumper wires
  • Quick Start Guide