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PSoC® 6-BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE) | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC® 6-BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE)

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Feb 01, 2021

The PSoC® 6-BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE) is a low-cost hardware platform that enables design and debug of the PSoC 63 Line.

Featuring the PSoC 63 Line

The PSoC 6-BLE Pioneer Kit features the PSoC 63 Line: a single- or dual-core MCU, with an Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Arm® Cortex®-M0+, 1MB of Flash, 288KB of SRAM, 78 GPIO, 7 programmable analog blocks, 56 programmable digital blocks, Bluetooth Low Energy, a serial memory interface, a PDM-PCM digital microphone interface, and industry-leading capacitive-sensing with CapSense.


E-Ink Display Shield Board

The PSoC 6-BLE Pioneer Kit also comes with an E-ink display shield board. This shield board contains an ultra-low-power 2.7" E-ink display, a thermistor, a 6-axis motion sensor, and a digital microphone.


EZ-PD CCG3 Type-C Power Delivery

The PSoC 6-BLE Pioneer Kit base board includes a Cypress EZ-PD CCG3 power delivery system. It comes pre-programmed and can deliver power from a Type-C port to an on-board header, while simultaneously charging a 3.7-V lithium-ion polymer battery. In addition, the power delivery system can provide power to a Type-C peripheral such as a cell phone with power derived from an external source.


Industry-Leading CapSense

​The PSoC 6-BLE Pioneer Kit baseboard comes with 2 buttons, a 5-segment slider, and a proximity sensor. Using the 4th generation CapSense provided in the PSoC 63 Line, self- and mutual-capacitive-sensing systems can be evaluated with this kit.


Bluetooth Low Energy Made Easy

The PSoC 6-BLE Pioneer Kit baseboard features an on-board antenna to develop Bluetooth Low Energy designs. Designing a wireless system is easy when using the Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 compliant peripheral.


ModusToolbox® Software Suite

ModusToolbox provides support for design and development of the PSoC 6-BLE Pioneer Kit. To find out more, please visit the ModusToolbox page. For code examples, please visit the Cypress' GitHub Repository or the New Application Wizard in ModusToolbox.

This kit is shipped with KitProg2 installed. The ModusToolbox software requires KitProg3. Before using the kit with ModusToolbox, ensure that the kit is upgraded to KitProg3. The tool and instructions are available in the Firmware Loader GitHub repository.

Mbed SDK Support

The PSoC 6-BLE Pioneer Kit is now supported in the Mbed OS. To find out more, please visit our team page on, and also PSoC 6-BLE Pioneer Kit to find out more.



The table below explains which revisions of the PSoC 6-BLE Pioneer Kit are supported in which versions of PSoC Creator, PDL, and ModusToolbox.

Kit Revision (on box) PSoC Creator Version Creator PDL Version ModusToolbox Version
** Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported
*A 4.1 or greater 3.0.1 Not Supported
*B 4.2 or greater 3.0.1 or greater Not Supported
*C and above 4.2 or greater 3.0.1 or greater 1.0 or greater


RF Regulatory Certification:



Software Title Description Link
PSoC® Creator™ PSoC Creator is an Integrated Design Environment (IDE) which allows concurrent hardware and application firmware design of PSoC 3, PSoC 4, PSoC 5LP, and PSoC 6 MCUs. Learn More Button
PSoC Programmer PSoC Programmer is a flexible, integrated programming application for programming PSoC devices. Learn More Button
CySmart™ CySmart is a Bluetooth LE host emulation tool for Windows PCs. Learn More Button
CySmart - Mobile App CySmart is a Bluetooth Low Energy utility developed by Cypress Semiconductor Corporation Learn More Button
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