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EZ-PD™ Configuration Utility

Last Updated: 
Oct 11, 2021

EZ-PD™ Configuration Utility:


Recommended devices: CCG2, CCG3, CCG4, CCG5, CCG6, CCG3PA, CMG1, PAG1S


Cypress EZ-PD™ controllers (CCG1, CCG2, CCG3, CCG4, CCG5, CCG6, CMG1, CCG3PA, and PAG1S) are fully programmable USB Type-C port controllers suited for all USB Power Delivery applications such as cables, dongles, notebooks, monitors and power adapters. The Cypress EZ-PD controller can be configured as per customer requirements using the EZ-PD™ Configuration Utility.

The EZ-PD™ Configuration Utility is a GUI based Microsoft Windows application developed by Cypress to guide a CCGx/PAG1S user through the process of configuring and programming the chip. The utility allows users to:

  1. Select and configure the parameters they want to modify
  2. Program the resulting configuration onto the target CCGx/PAG1S device.

The utility works with the Cypress supplied hardware which hosts the CCGx controllers along with a USB interface.


File Description Size Last updated
EZ-PD Configuration Utility Setup Windows installer for the EZ-PD Configuration Utility 39 MB 10/11/2021
EZ-PD Configuration Utility Setup ISO Installer in .iso format which can be burnt into a DVD 620 MB 10/11/2021
EZ-PD Configuration Utility User Manual.pdf   4.8 MB 10/11/2021
EZ-PD™ Configuration Utility Release Notes (v1.3.6).pdf   166 KB 10/11/2021


CY4501 CCG1 Development Kit

CY4502 EZ-PD™ CCG2 Development Kit

CY4531 EZ-PD™ CCG3 Evaluation Kit

CY4541 EZ-PD™ CCG4 Evaluation Kit

CY4532 EZ-PD™ CCG3PA Evaluation Kit

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