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Packaging | Cypress Semiconductor


Cypress assembles and tests a wide variety of packages. Examples of these packages include the following: BGA, FBGA, PGA, Cerquad, Cerpack, Cerdip, CQFP, PLCC, QFN, SOJ, SOIC, SSOP, TSSOP, TQFP, TSOP, and FlipChip. Cypress packaging standard include initiatives in Pb-free/Green packaging, lower cost packaging, and chip scale packaging. All of these initiatives have a foundation built upon the use of "Autolines." World class automation of assembly, test, and finish, combined into one "Autoline" allows Cypress to capitalize on quality, cost, and delivery.

In-House Packaging Process Capability

Cypress's in-house manufacturing has the most advanced backend manufacturing in the world. Our assembly line is fully integrated from die attach process to tape and reel process, allowing minimal operator intervention. This system is equipped with an online inspection system by process steps. It is fully controlled by an MES system that detects the location of strips while being processed and creates electronic strip maps of reject and good units within the strip. Typical cycle time is less than a day for the entire assembly, test, and tape reel processes.

Key Features * Automated online inspection system * Automatic electronic strip map generation * Minimal operator intervention * Low man-machine ratio * Fast cycle time * Auto recipe download * Fast conversion between package option