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Product Termination / Discontinuance

Welcome to the Product Termination / Discontinuance home page

This page provides access to Product Termination Notification (PTN) / Product Discontinuance (PD) documents and features a search utility to find PTN/PD Documentation by part number, keyword or PTN/PD number.

Product Termination/Discontinuance is discontinuation of product that will not be available for any reason.

Product Termination/Discontinuance policies are following JESD-48.

For more information regarding other notifications (PCN and PIN/Information Notes, and APCN/Early PCN), please contact your local sales representative.


  • The first 2 characters of the PTN/PD number represent the year of issue (e.g., PTN/PD 08663 was issued in 2008).
  • Issue date: Date on which the termination/discontinuance was announced.