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1Mb – 32Mb 5V Standard Interface (F) Flash Memory | Cypress Semiconductor

1Mb – 32Mb 5V Standard Interface (F) Flash Memory

Spansion F Flash Memory

5.0 Volt Flash

The Cypress F NOR Flash family requires only a single 5V power supply for read and write functions and is entirely command set compatible with the JEDEC Flash standards. Available densities range from 1 Mb to 32Mb.

The status of this product family is EOL. The remaining F NOR Flash memory inventory has been purchased by Arrow Supply Assurance. Please contact:

Title File Size Issue Date
 Category: Manufacturing/Assembly
Dose Minimization During X-ray Inspection of Surface-Mounted Flash ICs 256.96 KB 10/20/2015
Impact of X-Ray Inspection on Cypress Flash Memory 524.81 KB 10/20/2015
 Category: Systems & Interface
Read Speed Optimization for Cypress Quad-IO SPI Flash on Zynq-7000 Platform 478.23 KB 10/20/2015