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32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 PSoC® 4700 MCUs

​The PSoC 4700 Family adds advanced sensing technologies to the 32-bit Arm Cortex-M0/M0+ PSoC 4 Portfolio of products to enable innovative next-generation solutions. This family includes the PSoC 4700 S-Series that features an advanced inductive sensing technology for highly reliable human machine interfaces, fully waterproof interfaces and other new, innovative solutions.

PSoC 4700S Features

32-bit MCU Subsystem

  • 48-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M0+ CPU
  • Up to 32KB flash and 4KB SRAM

Programmable Analog Blocks

  • One 10-bit, 16.8-ksps Single-Slope ADC
  • Two low-power comparators (CMP)
  • Two 7-bit IDACs configurable as a single 8-bit IDAC
  • One MagSense™ block that enables sensing of metal objects
  • One CapSense® block that supports low-power operation with self- and mutual-capacitance sensing

Programmable Digital Blocks

  • Five configurable 16-bit Timer, Counter, PWM (TCPWM) blocks
  • Two Serial Communication Blocks (SCBs) that are configurable as I2C, SPI or UART


  • 25-ball WLCSP, 24-pin QFN, 48-pin TQFP
  • Up to 36 GPIOs, including 16 Smart I/Os

PSoC 4700 Block Diagram

PSoC 4700 Block Diagram


Application Example: Washing Machine

PSoC Enables:

  • Sleek, futuristic user interfaces with metallic overlays and inductive-sensing rotary knobs
  • Best-in-class noise immune inductive- and capacitive-sensing user-interface (Inductive Sensing SNR > 800:1, CapSense SNR > 300:1)
  • Simplified production with AutoTuning™ algorithms to compensate for manufacturing variations
  • Reduced system cost with a highly integrated solution

  1. Read: PSoC 4700S MCU Datasheet
  2. Purchase: CY8CKIT-148 PSoC 4700S Inductive Sensing Evaluation Kit
  3. Download: PSoC Creator IDE to start designing with PSoC 4700S MCUs and find out how to enable the inductive sensing component in the IDE
  4. Start your first PSoC 4700S MCU design: Refer to AN219207 - Inductive Sensing Design Guide and the MagSense Component Datasheet
  5. Interact: Join the PSoC 4 Community
Datasheet PSoC® 4700S
Core Arm Cortex-M0+
Max CPU Speed 48 MHz
Flash/SRAM (KB) 32/4
DMA channels 0
ADC 10-bit Single-slope

ADC @ 16.8-ksps
Opamps 0
Comparators* 2
iDACs 2
Timers/Counters/PWMs 5
Serial Interfaces 2
CapSense Blocks 1
MagSense Blocks 1
Smart I/O 16
Evaluation Kit CY8CKIT-148

*Maximum number of comparators (dedicated low-power comparators + comparators configured using opamps)


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