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Automotive Power Management ICs (PMICs) | Cypress Semiconductor

Automotive Power Management ICs (PMICs)

Highly Integrated and Robust Automotive Power Management Solution

Cypress automotive power management ICs (PMICs) provide highly-integrated and robust power management solutions for automotive applications. The PMICs support comprehensive power supply for the system by a small form factor and complement Cypress’ solution with Traveo™ automotive MCU family. Boost function integrated in the PMICs avoids system blackout under extreme battery voltage fluctuations. Low quiescent current of the PMICs reduce standby current of always-on functions. The PMICs comply with AEC-Q100, and rich system safety functions help to comply with modern vehicle ECU requirements.

Manage Extreme Battery Voltage Fluctuations 

Growing stop-start system causes frequent battery fluctuations due to restarting the engine. Cypress automotive PMICs overcome extreme battery fluctuations by combining buck and boost function. Combination of the functions provides a stable power supply without bulky and unreliable electrolytic capacitors.

Minimize Physical Size 

Power management systems for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) need to supply large current for image recognition, and to offer system safety functions in small form factor. Cypress automotive PMICs integrate power supply required for the system in one package. System safety functions such as watchdog timers (WDT) and voltage supervisors are also integrated.

Extend Battery life 

With growing always-on functions that operate when the engine isn’t running, lower system standby current is required. Cypress automotive PMICs has minimal quiescent current and help to reduce system standby current. 

Support System Safety Functions

ECUs are now used for critical systems. They must be protected against harsh thermal and electrical conditions to ensure proper operation. Cypress automotive PMICs support System Safety Functions by providing input voltage supervisors, output voltage/current supervisors, thermal management, and watch-dog timers to protect ECUs from damage and erroneous operation. Cypress provides an usage guide for safety applications which describes the function of the PMICs relevant to functional safety and gives guidelines on its usage.

Accelerate the design process

Cypress provides easy-to-use evaluation kits to accelerate automotive electronics design.

Provide Comprehensive Solution

Cypress automotive PMICs provide comprehensive solution for instrument cluster, ADAS, BCM, and gateway with Traveo™ automotive MCU, PSoC® programmable System-on-Chip, TrueTouch® touch screen controller, CapSence® touch sensing controller, and HyperFlash™ and HyperRAM™ memories. Cypress’ solution simplifies connectivity across MCUs, memories, and PMICs without having to worry about complex and expensive system designs.

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  • S6BP201A: 5V 1A Output One-channel Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • S6BP202A: 5V 2.4A Output One-channel Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • S6BP203A: 3.3V 2.4A Output One-channel Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • S6BP501A, S6BP502A: Three-channel Instrument Cluster PMICs
  • S6BP401A: Six-channel Advanced Driver Assistance System PMIC

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High Stability One-Channel Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter S6BP201A series S6BP201A, S6BP202A and S6BP203A are 1-channel buck-boost DC/DC converter ICs. They provide 5.0V or 3.3V stable...
3-Channel Power Management IC (PMIC) for Instrument Cluster Systems S6BP501A and S6BP502A S6BP501A and S6BP502A are 3-channel PMICs. They come with a buck controller, a buck...
Multi-channel PMIC for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) S6BP401A S6BP401A is 6-channel power management IC for ADAS. This single-chip solution has a 6-channel power output....
Body Control Module
Instrument Cluster

Solution Example Automotive PMIC

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