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Cypress Traveo 32-bit Arm Automotive Microcontrollers (MCUs) | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Traveo 32-bit Arm Automotive Microcontrollers (MCUs)

Traveo Family Overview

The Cypress Traveo microcontrollers are based on the Arm® Cortex®-R5 core and deliver high performance, enhanced human-machine interfaces, high-security and advanced networking protocols tailored for a broad range of automotive applications such as electrification, HVAC, lighting and automotive cluster displays.

Based on the powerful Arm Cortex R5F core in single and dual core operation it offers state-of-the-art real time performance, safety and security features. Cypress Traveo MCUs are used in motor control for hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/EV), body electronics and entry-level 2D and 3D instrument clusters.

Cypress Traveo family builds upon the successful FR81S and FCR4 families.

The family supports the latest in-car networks, offers high performance graphics engines optimized for a minimum memory footprint and embeds dedicated features to increase data security in the car.

While we are maintaining the longevity of the products for the automotive industry, the following products listed under this page are not recommended for new design.

S6J312A/9, S6J32BA, S6J311A/9, S6J312E/D, S6J342x, S6J351C, CY9DF566 / 565 / 564

Traveo Product Portfolio

Instrument Clusters and Head-up Displays

S6J32xx series of the Traveo family delivers state-of-the-art 2D and 3D graphics, which Cypress has optimized to bring sophisticated and automotive specific graphics functions into the car without increased power and BOM requirements. As the first 3D-capable Arm Cortex-R5 cluster MCU, Cypress's graphics engine provides greater memory savings, increased safety features and rich image capabilities, without the need for external video RAM. These, in turn, help manufacturers take advantage of lower overall system costs to proliferate the advanced driver experience previously reserved for luxury automotive brands. Cypress integrates its breakthrough HyperBus interface, enabling seamless connections with HyperBus memories, including Cypress HyperFlash and HyperRAM memory, to provide customers design simplification and faster performance in automotive systems.


The Traveo CY9D560 series features dual Arm® Cortex® -R5 cores and operate at 200 MHz. This family of microcontrollers expands Cypress's portfolio to be utilized in hybrid electrical vehicles (HEV) and electrical vehicles (EV). The dual-core / dual motor control structure on a single chip allows the simultaneous control of two motors (e.g. of the motor and the generator of an electrical engine system). Both motor control modules have their own embedded interface circuits for resolver sensors, and include unique hardware IP to speed up motor control operations. The dual core approach and several inbuilt diagnosis functions support the required level of functional safety.

Body Control Modules and HVAC

The Traveo S6J3100 series incorporates the high-performance CAN FD interface for enhanced in-vehicle networking. The product series is focused on various automotive applications including body control module (BCM), heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). In addition to the CAN FD interface operating at 5Mbps, it also features Secure Hardware Extension (SHE) for network security and improved performance for connected cars, as well as advanced partial wakeup for lowering power consumption.

Solution Example Traveo Family S6J3XXX Series

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