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Cypress interface ICs, solutions and technologies provide a wide range of industrial, automotive, communications, personal electronics and enterprise computing equipment. Cypress interface products and solutions enable high bandwidths and longer transmission distances, while reducing system size, cost and complexity, so you get to market faster.


Automotive CXPI Transceivers

CXPI (Clock eXtension Peripheral Interface) is designed to succeed the widely-used Local Interconnect Network (LIN) automotive communication protocol. CXPI reduces the bill-of-material costs and lower fuel consumption by requiring fewer wire harnesses in a vehicle. Cypress offers CXPI transceivers, as well as automotive MCUs – a complete solution for your automotive design needs.


Control Communications

The Neuron® Chips provides support for all layers of the LonTalk® control networking protocol, an open industry standard approved by the American National Standards Institute as ANSI/EIA 709.1-A-1999. Neuron Chips are used in a wide variety of applications in building automation, industrial control, transportation systems, and much more. 


Powerline Communication

Provides reliable command and control of loads over existing Powerline infrastructure in a single-chip (PHY, Modem, and Protocol Stack). Cypress’ PLC solution enables control of incandescent, sodium vapor, fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures over the existing Powerlines. Easily integrates with wall-switch dimmers, lamp and appliance modules, enabling on/off, dimming, color mixing, and tunable white light control using a single chip solution, and no additional wiring.


Multi-protocol PHYs

The HOTLink® family of high-speed transceivers provide data transmission rates from 50 Mbps up to 1.5 Gbps. These flexible devices are ideal for proprietary serial backplane applications.



This family of high-performance SONET / SDH physical layer (PHY) and framing devices support OC-1 (51.85 Mbps), OC-3 (155.52 Mbps), and OC-48 (2.488 Gbps). These are ideal for low power consumption and integrated transmitter, receiver and post-amp applications. 


Video PHYs

This chipset is based on our popular HOTLink® family and complies with the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) video-encoding, SMPTE-259M, and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standards. Focuses on wireless, Datacom, and fiber optic applications that require high-speed data transmission over high-speed serial fiber, balanced, and unbalanced copper transmission lines at signaling speeds ranging from 195 to 1500 MBaud. 


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Automotive CXPI (Clock eXtension Peripheral Interface) Transceiver is designed to succeed the widely-used Local Interconnect Network (LIN) automotive communication protocol.
Cypress has the broadest and most flexible portfolio of backplane physical layer (PHY) devices in the industry. This portfolio includes: HOTLink® HOTLinkDX™ HOTLinkII™ These transceiver families...
Neuron(R) Chips are sophisticated, very large-scale integration (VLSI) devices that make it possible to implement low-cost control networking applications. They provide all the key functions...
Reliable command and control of loads over existing Powerline infrastructure: Complete single-chip PLC implementation (PHY Modem and Protocol Stack); CENELEC EN50065-1:2001 and FCC Part 15 Compliant...