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NOR Flash Memory for Embedded Systems | Cypress Semiconductor

NOR Flash Memory for Embedded Systems

When failure is not an option

Infineon NOR Flash products are architected and designed to deliver the highest levels of safety, reliability, and security. Our longevity program gives you peace of mind by providing long-term continuity of supply, and we operate to a zero-defects policy to provide exceptional quality. An extensive suite of design tools and support resources simplify your design process and get you to market quicker.

For applications that must work all the time, every time, depend on our broad portfolio of solutions to give you a competitive advantage.

Safety and reliability

Infineon NOR Flash provides the utmost in safety and reliability, and is AEC-Q100 qualified, ASIL B compliant, ASIL D ready, and SIL 2 ready. Endurance flex architectures enables you to create partitions that are configurable for up to 1 million P/E cycles and up to 25 years of data retention, depending on workload needs. Part are qualified for extreme temperature ranges, especially those in automotive and industrial environments.

When designing for the high standards of industrial, automotive, communications, and data center applications, rely on Infineon NOR Flash memory.


Built on the same platform as other SEMPER™ products, SEMPER™ Secure is the first NOR Flash to combine advanced security with industry-leading functional safety and reliability. It incorporates hardware security elements to protect your systems against cyber threats. An immutable root-of-trust provides secured boot, and key management enables remote firmware updates – secured from cloud to memory.

Count on Infineon SEMPER™ Secure NOR Flash when protecting critical systems against cyber threats.


Infineon provides long-term supply agreements, quality, and complete solutions. Our longevity program ensures 10+ years product availability, and is backed by a long-term commitment to NOR. We operate to a zero-defects quality model to consistently deliver products that don’t fail in manufacturing or the field. And our complete solutions include a robust set of chipset partners, sample designs, tools, and support resources.

Infineon minimizes disruptions to your business, giving you peace-of-mind in a supplier you can trust.

Competitive advantage

Infineon’s advanced technologies deliver innovative features ranging from low power to high performance with safety and security. An embedded processor creates a smart memory with advanced capabilities, and exclusive MIRRORBIT™ technology doubles the number of bits per cell for high-density memories. We continually invest in new technologies to meet your future safety, security, reliability, and performance requirements.

Choose from our broad portfolio and gain a competitive advantage.

SEMPER™ Secure memory is the first NOR Flash to combine advanced security with industry-leading functional safety and reliability, and is engineered to last a lifetime.
The SEMPER™ NOR Flash memory family is architected and designed for functional safety, and offers the high-performance and reliability needed for critical automotive and industrial systems.
High density (128Mb – 512Mb) HYPERFLASH™ NOR Flash memories deliver blazing read bandwidth of 333 MBps, over five times faster than Quad SPI NOR flash.
Standard SPI Serial NOR Flash memory comprises two families of products. The 3.0V FL family offers densities from 4Mb to 1Gb, and the 1.8V FS family offers densities from 64Mb to 1Gb.
The extensive line of 3.0V and 1.8V parallel NOR Flash memory solutions provides very fast random read performance to get the most out of your traditional designs.
The legacy product families have been retired and are not recommended for new designs. The product lines include JL, CD, CL, NS, VS, XS, WS and F NOR Flash Memory families.