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Powerline Communication | Cypress Semiconductor

Powerline Communication

Reliable command and control of loads over existing Powerline infrastructure

  • Complete single-chip PLC implementation (PHY Modem and Protocol Stack)
  • CENELEC EN50065-1:2001 and FCC Part 15 Compliant
  • Uses existing Powerline infrastructure (110 -240V AC & 12 -24V AC/DC)

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Application Examples:

Lighting Control

Home Lighting: Cypress’ PLC solution enables control of incandescent, sodium vapor, fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures over the existing Powerlines. Easily integrates with wall-switch dimmers, lamp and appliance modules, enabling on/off, dimming, color mixing, and tunable white light control using a single chip solution, and no additional wiring.

Lighting Control Diagram

Pool Lighting: Cypress' PLC Solution can be used for controlling underwater pool lighting fixtures, over ground spa, surrounding landscape lights via a single control station using the existing Powerline and no additional wiring. Since the Powerline Network Protocol supports multicast and broadcast modes, elaborate programmable color changing scenes can be created. Combined with Cypress’ EZ-Color or PowerPSoC solution this can be used for intelligent dimming control and color mixing of High Brightness LED based lighting fixtures.

Pool Lighting Control Diagram

Parking Lot Lighting: On-Off Control for selected areas in large parking lots is not possible without installation of multiple control and wiring elements and user interaction at multiple points. Cypress’ PLC Solution provides a Powerline optimized Network Protocol which enables individual lighting fixtures or groups of lighting fixtures to be controlled using the existing Powerline infrastructure. Thus, saving on cost for additional wiring and control fixtures. Combined with Cypress’ EZ-Color solution this can be used for intelligent dimming and timed turn-off of High Brightness LED fixtures.

Parking Lot Lighting Controller Diagram

Industrial Signage: An entire array of new convenience and advanced control features are being made available in automobiles today. It has been projected that a high feature content car will not have enough space to contain multiple wiring segments and connectors without compromising power loss and safety. One of the solutions to this problem is to reduce the number of cables by using existing Powerline as the transmission medium of digital control signals. The CY8CPLCXX enables control of Automotive LED strobe, beacon, tail lights and indicators over the existing Direct Current (DC) 12V-42V Battery Powerline. Combined with Cypress’ EZ-Color lighting solution, dimming and color mixing of LED based automotive lighting fixtures in applications such as Mobile LED Displays is possible.

Automobile Lighting Fixture Diagram


Home/Building Automation

The programmability and flexibility of Cypress' PLC solution makes home/building automation completely configurable. Ready-to-use boards make the solution easy to implement.

Home/Building Lighting Automation Diagram


Automatic Metering Infrastructure

Cypress' PLC solution can be designed in electric power meters in household, commercial, and industrial environments to transmit power usage information, real time, to a centralized billing system. This solution can handle multiple data sources and can address up to 264 power meters.

Automatic Metering Infrastructure Diagram


Smart Energy Management

Energy Generation Market
In the energy generation market, Cypress' PLC solution can be used to acquire and transmit, real time, diagnostic data regarding energy output of individual solar panels to the array controller and subsequently to a solar farm control station, over the existing DC powerline.

Smart Energy Management Diagram

Energy Consumption Market
For the energy consumption market, Cypress’ PLC Solution enables transmission of information regarding power consumed at each appliance within a home, in real time. In response to this data, command and control of appliances can be done from any segment of the existing Powerline infrastructure.

Energy Consumption Appliances Diagram

Plug in.

With two of these kits, you can construct your own Powerline Communication System.

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PSoC Designer™ software

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CY3274 Programmable High Voltage Powerline Communication Development Kit

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