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TrueTouch® Fingerprint Reader

Modern mobile devices contain large amounts of personal data, including email credentials, credit card information, private photographs, videos, and web browsing history. This concentration of personal data makes the mobile device a prime target for data and identity theft. Mobile device manufacturers (OEMs) and e-commerce merchants are reacting by increasing authentication strength. The traditional approach is to make users input complex passwords. These complex passwords are cumbersome to enter and do not effectively increase security. So what is the ideal security mechanism?


Fingerprint readers.

Fingerprint readers are a convenient and secure way to access mobile devices and the Cypress TrueTouch® Fingerprint Reader is specifically designed for them.


Convenient, secure, flexible

Cypress offers OEMs a custom-size reader that can be flexibly integrated into any mobile device’s industrial design or home button. The solution comes with a complete software stack, including FIDO components, that enables quick integration into any Android® mobile device. Extensive testing and usability tools are available to rapidly fine tune an OEM’s custom sensor, decreasing time-to-market. The TrueTouch Fingerprint Reader’s superior fingerprint imaging and pattern-matching performance offers everything needed to efficiently design and integrate user authentication into mobile devices.

Get started now with the most comprehensive mobile user authentication solution.

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