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Automotive Infotainment System

Automotive Infotainment System

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The automotive infotainment system integrates the navigation and entertainment systems and allows both to access the vehicle’s audio controls and displays. This allows the navigation system to interrupt the entertainment system and communicate important driver information, like directions or traffic information, without the driver needing to intervene. These systems use nonvolatile memory to store settings, status, and navigation data on power loss.

Cypress NOR Flash devices provide the utmost reliability and security for high-performance embedded systems that store critical data and operate at extended temperatures. The NOR Flash devices also offer low power consumption and AEC-Q100 automotive-grade qualification with high-read bandwidth and fast program time at an extended temperature range.

When instant data capture and virtually infinite endurance is required, Cypress’ F-RAM provides the ideal solution. Cypress provides Grade 1 and Grade 3 AEC-Q100 qualified Automotive F-RAM offerings.

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Automotive Infotainment echo system partners

Automotive Infotainment Head Unit System Block Diagram

Recommended Memories

Category Product Features
NOR Flash Parallel NOR


64 Mb - 2 Gb, 3.0V

110ns Initial Access Time

AEC-Q100 Qualified at 125°C, 105°C, 85°C
NOR Flash Quad SPI NOR

64 Mb - 256 Mb, 3.0V, 4KB sector size

67 MBps Read Bandwidth

AEC-Q100 Qualified at 125°C, 105°C, 85°C
NAND Flash 3x NAND

1 Gb - 8 Gb

x8 or x16 interface

Industrial Temperature Range: 105°C, 85°C
Persistent RAM Serial F-RAM 16 Kb - 2 Mb

40 MHz SPI

AEC-Q100 Qualified at 125°C, 105°C, 85°C

Application Notes

Title English Chinese Japanese
AN98487 - Programmer’s Guide for the Cypress 65 nm GL-S Eclipse™ Flash Non-Volatile Memory Family Architecture - -
AN217000 - Programmer's Guide for FL-L Family of Serial NOR Products
AN210081 - Recommended PCB Routing Guidelines for S34MLxx SLC NAND Flash Memory - -

White Paper

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F-RAM for Automotive Markets

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