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Cirrent IoT | Cypress Semiconductor

Cirrent IoT

Make your products easier to use, more reliable, and more secure

IoT Network Intelligence

Faster Time-to-Solution

Identify and solve product problems faster and before they impact your customers with alerts, analytics, and diagnostic tools.

Purpose-Built for IoT

Embedded agent, dashboards, and reports are tailored to connected product use cases.

Extensible and Scalable

Flexible platform scales to millions of IoT devices with no sweat.

Wi-Fi Onboarding

Reliable Onboarding

By leveraging Cirrent's Wi-Fi Onboarding solutions, customers experience easy, secure setup, simple management and fewer disconnects, improving the overall customer experience.

Improved Customer Experience

Eliminate the friction and complexity in your connected products to drive improved performance for your business.

Reduced Returns and Support Costs

Cirrent helps products exceed customer expectations right out of the box, leading to happy customers, fewer support cost and fewer returns.