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Cypress Solutions for RTOS | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Solutions for RTOS

Cypress Solutions for RTOS

MCUs & Wireless for the Internet of Things

Cypress delivers compute, HMI, and connectivity capabilities purpose built for IoT.


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Highly Integrated

Cypress’ ModusToolbox® software ties together sensing, display, compute, and connectivity into a single platform to help you bring a successful IoT product to market faster, at lower risk, and at lower cost.

  • Full connectivity stack containing industry-standard components for cloud-connected products, including IP, TLS, HTTP, MQTT, OTA
  • Extensive toolset for coding, compiling, and debugging
  • Includes Cypress Wi-Fi drivers, Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy stack, and coexistence
  • Cypress Low Power Assist (LPA) to help optimize your software to reduce power consumption and extend battery power life
  • Built-in support for Cypress market-leading CapSense technology for touch sensors
  • Cypress secure provisioning, secure storage, and secure firmware management for device-level security with hardware-embedded root-of-trust
  • Extensible design for easy integration of open source, 3rd party, and custom-built code


Cypress’ ModusToolbox delivers these innovations so you can quickly deliver new capabilities to your customers.

  • Cypress Low Power Assist to make it easy for your teams to extend battery life
  • Cypress Advanced Coexistence to improve connectivity reliability across Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy, and 802.15.4 (ZigBee®, Thread)
  • Advanced CapSense® for ultra-reliable physical button replacement
  • Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence (INI) so your products connect reliably every time
  • Cirrent Wi-Fi onboarding to make your products more reliable, easier to use, and more secure


Cypress’ ModusToolbox software combines Cypress’ experience with connectivity and compute for a market proven, field proven IoT solution.

  • Best-of-breed components pre-integrated into the software stack
  • Cypress PSoC®, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy shipped in many of the market’s leading products
  • Broadly used in consumer, enterprise, medical, and industrial applications
  • Used in leading products covering battery operated and line powered products; in products from sporadic communications to those with high bandwidth continuous communication; in products where cost is a premium to those where security is paramount

Ecosystem to accelerate time to market

Partnerships with the open source community improve quality and security every day

Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence

Cirrent's IoT Network Intelligence solution gives you detailed data and visibility into your products’ network performance.

Broad set of wireless module partners

Cypress module partners provide full-featured WICED® and Linux based Development Kits which enable turnkey hardware and software solutions optimized to enable Wi-Fi connectivity in system design.